NEW Click CPU's with Ethernet

CLICK® Series PLCs - PLC Units

What's New! ... New CLICK Ethernet PLC Units 
that have a 10/100 Mbps multipurpose Ethernet port for faster networking and control. Use the built-in Ethernet port to program your system, network your CLICK or control Ethernet-enabled devices. Using the Modbus TCP protocol, the new CLICK PLCs will easily integrate into existing networks and provide a simple, cost effective solution for your application. 


Nineteen CLICK PLC units are available with different combinations of built-in discrete inputs/outputs, analog inputs/outputs and communication ports. 

• Five Types of PLC Units

  • Basic PLCs  
    with discrete-only inputs and outputs 
  • Standard PLCs  
    with discrete-only I/O, plus an extra communications port and battery backup 
  • Analog PLCs 
    both discrete and analog I/O, plus an extra comm port and battery backup 
  • New! ... Ethernet Basic PLC Unit  
    with discrete-only I/O and battery backup 
  • New! ... Ethernet Standard PLC Unit  
    with discrete-only I/O, plus an extra communications port and battery backup
  • CLICK PLC Units start  R1684.00

• Built-in Communications

  • CLICK Basic PLCs have two built-in RS-232 communications ports: one programming port and one that can be configured for either MODBUS RTU or ASCII protocols
  • CLICK Standard and Analog PLCs have an additional built-in RS-485 communications port 
  • New! ... CLICK Ethernet Basic and Ethernet Standard PLC units have one built-in Ethernet communications port and one standard RS-232 serial comm port. Additionally, Ethernet Standard PLC Units have an RS-485 port for Modbus and ASCII communication.

• Features

  • Up to 14 built-in I/O points
    the CLICK PLC can be used as a ready-to-go PLC control system without any additional I/O modules
  • Up to 8 I/O modules
    can be connected to a CLICK PLC Unit to expand the system I/O count and meet the needs of a specific application. 
  • All nineteen CLICK PLC Units
    offer the same performance, instruction set, and support the available optional I/O modules.
  • ALL CLICK PLC part numbers have a 2 Year Warranty.
  • CLICK PLC Units Overview

CLICK PLC - Ethernet Standard PLC Unit

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