C More Touch screen HMI

Reliability, ease of use, features and price. C-more has better value all around - made by Koyo!

More and more people find that C-more has what it takes to meet most of their HMI application needs. But don't take our word for it, see for yourself.

Hundreds of powerful features We maximized every feature, small and large, to make sure you have a great experience with your touch panel.

  • Dependable hardware
  • Powerful objects
  • Enhanced productivity tools
  • Increased device connectivity
  • Remote access and control from any web browser, or with the iPhone ® or iPad® app

C-more has better value all around!

(New) C More EA9 range of touch panels

C-more HMI - Easy to configure, install and maintain ... C-more industrial touch screens are designed to give you the best cost of ownership, considering initial price, features, ease of use, reliability and free award-winning technical support. More and more people have found that C-more...

C-more EA7 Touch screen panels

Program Via Ethernet or USB Full-featured C-more panels can be programmed via the built in Ethernet port to your plant network With  C-more on the plant network, you can download projects from any connected PC. Use the network connection to upload alarm history, PLC/PAC log data or...

C-more is designed to give you one of the best costs of ownership, considering initial price, features, ease of use, reliability and free award winning technical support.

  • Connect multiple brands of PLC/PACs to C-more and communicate with them simultaneously.
  • Use the Event Manager to periodically send tag values from one controller to another or when certain conditions are met.
  • C-more can even act as a "protocol bridge", passing values back and forth between PLC/PACs that use different protocols