PLC, Control Systems & HMI


Directlogic Automation range of PLC's

  With the biggest range of PLC's to choose from ONE single supplier! There is a right PLC for you. The right price The right size The right ease of use for the right level Make your selection based on what you really need, not what they told you...

New generation Productivity Series PLC's

  Productivity3000 has all the power you need for advanced applications. Easy-to-use, super-flexible machine that costs less than most traditional PLCs. With 7 built-in comms ports, local and remote I/O connection, USB or Ethernet programming and integrated LCD display.

Touchscreen HMI

Choose from the best of the Industries HMI Touchscreen ranges.  From 4,5" to 15" wide screen, aluminium or plastic enclosures. IP65 and hardened application compatible

Industrial Computers

DirectLogic Automation has a range of robust & low power Industrial Panel PC's, Desktop PC’s, POS solutions and Server Hardware.    

Industrial Keyboards & keypads

Choose from a wide range of Industrial standard keyboards or key pads that will provide long lasting performace.  All of our keyboards are water and dust proof, ruggedused Stainless Steel or silicone to suite your dektop application

SCADA Systems

InduSoft Web Studio® is a powerful collection of automation tools that provide all the automation building blocks to develop HMIs, SCADA systems and embedded instrumentation solutions. Utilize InduSoft integrated Web technologies to take advantage of Internet/intranet...
  • When it comes to Process Control Systems, we have 40 years experience to offer you

  • Best practice PLC,s

  • A choice of Touchscreen HMI,s  Process control hardware & SCADA software systems . 

  • The right fit for the right price