How to Select your PLC

Product Selectors and Configuration Utilities



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To select the correct PLC to use the selector tool template provided above


Note to Wannaby PLC users

For those people who have not as yet had PLC training or worked with PLC's, but you are looking to configure, use, or to purchase a system, the task of applying a PLC or just learing how to use them need not be a daunting challenge. We know this, and we  know just how to make the task of learing PLC's a bit easier. To encourage students to explore the ins and outs of the PLC, we offer you a cost free introduction to understanding the workings of a PLC' s and how to select the right model for whatever your application, or just to get the feel of what you can look forward to should you decide to join the wonderful and very rewarding career in Process Control Instrumentation. The pdf document below is meant to offer you a simplified but comprehensive introduction to PLC's. Feel free to download the attached document below, grab a cup of coffee, settle down in a comfortable chair and enjoy this introduction to the world of the PLC.

This document is not meant to be a training course but rather an introduction into the workings of PLC's so that a student will be able to more easily make the right decisions when choosing to automate a machine or process control system. If you require Professional advice to do with autoamation for your machine or factory floor, we are just a phone call away at +27126546212 or send us an e mail to and we will be pleased to offer you our services