We can offer you the "best fit"  PLC for every possible application you will ever encouter

  • Tried and tested Modular PLC's such as the DL-205 range. A long time favoutite for the macchine builder or  complex  process control solutions
  • The P2000 and P3000 ranges of state of the art new generation PAC's  (Process Automation Controllers) offering ultimate expandability and flexible solutions
  • The mighty big "small" CLICK PLC. Stand alone or expandable modular solution. The new standard that has been set in the O.E.M sectors of the Industrial markets.
  • The new BRX extreme versatility PLC, Develloped to bring the  "plug and play" concept a little closer to PLC's.
  • The "DoMore"  technology, develloped to make Automation just so much easier.


New! ... Do-more PLCs - BRX Series  An easy to use modernised Micro PLC system. Advancing the traditional Industrial PLC platform

Click PLC

The CLICK™ family is an easy-to use controller that is cost-effective even in applications that would require just a few relays       With a starting price of R1900.00 for a discrete controller offering eight built-in digital inputs and six built-in...

Do-more T1H Series PLC

The T1H Series PLC is a modular and robust  I/O system based on the Terminator I/O line of modules. Using Do-more's  user friendly Designer software as a  foundation for "easy Engineering" the T1H Series PLC system provides a powerful,...

DL-205 Modular I/O: with Do More and Directlogic CPU's

The DL205 series PLC can support local expandable I/O and remote I/O Modbus RTU & Ethernet networks modular PLC that allows you to drastically lower your control system cost. Unmatched for it's durability and small...

P-2000 & P-3000 Process Automation Controllers (PAC)

State of the art Process Controllers and top of the range Process Control, for when you can't afford to cut corners  With Productivity 3000, you can get all the power you need for advanced applications.

DL-05 & DL-06 Micro PLC

Micro, compact but still expandable.  30+ additional I/O for analog, digital and Ethernet expansion. Most popular machine builers PLC. Absolutely rock solid.

DL-305 PLC

The original benchmark PLC for OEM & machine builders in modular PLC's. Launched in 1979 and still available today. Why? Because they are still doing thei job. This is the most multi branded PLC ever.

DL-405 The modular PLC

The original benchbark for the modular Euro standard  PLC.  20 years on, and still going strong. This expandable modular PLC is still installed and maintained in many major mining operations in south Africa. Spares are freely available.

DL105 PLC Micro

Solid as a brick for very rugged applications

Ziplink Cabling Solutions

Don't fiddle with wiring Save valuable labour hours. Get the job done with minimum cost. Ziplink Cabling Solutions, saves money, saves time

ALL PLC Programming Software

CLICK for simple programming, FREE! Productivity Suite offers advanced tools that make your life easier, FREE! Do More CPu's for the DL-205 PLC's FREE!  

ALL PLC Programming Cables & Accessories

We are able to supply a full range of critical spaes for all our PLC's ranges ex stock or within 7 working days if on back order.

ALL PLC manuals

  User Manuals Select a link below to jump to manuals for specific product families. Hard copies of all of our manuals can be ordered from our online store. Please note that some manuals for products from Facts Engineering ("F" as the leading letter in the part...

Specialised Automation Software

PC Control with Think & Do When a PLC just won’t do - use Think & Do PCbased control. Your HMI and control share the same database, so there is no duplication. Intuitive flowcharting makes coding the control logic as easy as sketching out the control algorithm. The powerful...

Directlogic PLC's, manufactured by Koyo Japan  are marketed via a network of  International distributors that can be found on every continent and in most modern coutries throughout the world. Directlogic Automation.c.c is Africa's distributor of the Inernational PLC brand of fine PLC's known world wide as "Directlogic"



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