DL-305 PLC

The original benchmark PLC for OEM & machine builders in modular PLC's. Launched in 1979 and still available today.

Why? Because they are still doing thei job. This is the most multi branded PLC ever.

DL305 CPUs

The D3-350 CPU is a spin-off of our most powerful CPUs: the D4-450 and D2-250 CPU The D3-350 CPU has a killer instruction set (compatible with the DL405, DL205, DL105, and DL05 families) and some super practical communications. The D3-350 CPU uses a simplified I/O addressing method, and can...

DL305 Bases & cables

Bases 5-slot local or expansion base Built-in 110/220 VAC power supply 5-slot local or expansion baseBuilt-in 24 VDC power supply 8-slot local base(exp. base w/350 CPU) Built-in 110/220 VAC power supply 10-slot local or expansion base...

DL305 Discrete I/O Modules

The DirectLOGIC 305 product line offers a wide variety of discrete I/O modules. DC input/output modules up to 16 points or high-current relays outputs. Just take your pick.

DL305 Specialty Modules

F3-AB128 F3-AB128-T F3-AB128-R The ASCII/BASIC module interfaces the Direct LOGIC 305 family of programmable controllers with barcode readers, operator interface terminals, instrumentation equipment, computers and other serial devices. The three ports offer a range of communication...

DL305 Analog Modules

The DL305 PLC line offers a wide variety of different analog modules, including thermocouple. The modules support an incredible range of signals including 4-20 mA, 0-5 V, 0-10 V, -5 V to +5 V, and -10 V to +10 V.

DL305 Spares and Accessories

Batteries, screws, covers, fuses, and cable kits. All these parts are available at reasonable prices.

What is the DL 305 PLC Series?

The DL305 series is a small modular PLC that has been marketed by various name-brand PLC manufacturers for over 21 years. This Koyo design revolutionized the small PLC market, and is still a good performer and a great value.

What can I do with it?

•Maintain or upgrade any installed GE Series One, Texas Instruments Series 305, or Siemens SIMATIC TI305 system

• Build a systemthatmeets Class I Division II classification

• Build RTU I/O stations for a host computerwith a serial or parallel interface

• Build an intelligent RTU that programs in the BASIC language

This design was so well-liked when it was introduced that it became the most popular privately labeled PLC in history. Best of all, almost every part produced in its 27-year history is interchangeable.

GE nicknamed it “America’s Most Popular PLC”

In 1983, General Electric decided to private label the Koyo SR21

design. They called it the General Electric Series One and

changed the color from Koyo yellow to black. The product sold so

well they nicknamed it “America’s Most Popular PLC.”

Texas Instruments called it the “Best Value PLC”

In 1989, Texas Instruments began to private label the Koyo SR21 design. They named it the Series 305 and changed the plastic color to light gray. The product was enhanced and did so well for Texas Instruments that they nicknamed it the “Best Value PLC.”

Siemens also called it the “Best Value PLC”

In 1991, Siemens Industrial Automation decided to private label the Koyo SR21 design. They named it the SIMATIC TI305 and changed the color to charcoal grey. Once again, the product line continued to receive enhancements and the nickname “Best Value PLC” continued at Siemens.

AutomationDirect calls it a “PLC Classic” and keeps it current

In 1994,  AUTOMATIONDIRECT added more enhancements with Windows-based  DirectSOFT, and in 1997 introduced the D3-350 CPU, which offered updated features while maintaining compatibility

Credibility in numbers

The Koyo DL305 design has been one of the most widely marketed PLCs in history. Millions of modules have been sold, proving that they are extremely reliable and well-suited for many applications, and they cost less from us now than they ever did from any of the guys who previously marketed this solid PLC line.