Directlogic Process Controller DL-405 modular Series

The original benchbark for the modular Euro standard  PLC.  20 years on, and still going strong. This expandable modular PLC is still installed and maintained in many major mining operations in south Africa. Spares are freely available.

DL405 CPUs

  The D4-450, offers an instruction set that includes drum sequencers, ASCII output, floating point math, trig functions, bit of word, timed and -triggered subroutines, For/Next loops, immediate I/O, and more. Fill-in-the-blank PID • 16 table-configurable PID...

DL405 Expansion Units and Cables

Put I/O where you need it with flexible serial or Ethernet-based remote capabilities The DL405 series has the widest range of choices for remote I/O of all the DirectLOGIC PLCs. So what are the possibilities? Here are a few: For high-speed, easy-to-use remote I/O, use the...

DL405 I/O Bases

Four, six, and eight-slot bases The DL405 product family offers four, six, and eight-slot I/O bases. Expansion units The expansion units are only necessary when you want to use local expansion. They are installed in the CPU slot of the expansion bases. They appear very similar to...

DL405 Digital I/O Modules

System capacity System capacity is the ability of the CPU to accommodate a variety of applications. Here are a few key considerations when determining system capacity: How much memory do you need? Consider both ladder memory and data registers (V-memory). For ladder memory, most boolean...

DL405 Analog modules

I/O modules are typically the largest part of the cost of a PLC system. But we’ve got good news - the more I/O you use, the bigger your savings with Directlogic automation. For example, check out our 8-channel F4-08AD analog input module. It offers eight channels of analog inputs and...

DL405 Remote I/O modules

Remote I/O Are there any remote I/O points? In many applications, the wiring cost of bringing the individual control wiring back to the PLC control panel can be reduced by the use of remote I/O. All DL405 CPUs can support remote I/O. The D4-450 CPU has built-in serial remote I/O connections...

DL 405 speciality modules

Specialty I/O modules In addition to our cost-effective discrete and analog I/O, we also offer specialty modules to solve the really tough applications. Our D4-430 and D4-440 only support specialty modules in the local base (CPU base). Our D4-450 CPU supports specialty modules in the...

The DL405 product line is a European Style PLC more suitable for aggressive Industrial applications. It  packs a lot of power for its size and price. It has the widest variety of I/O modules and configurations of all our PLCs.The DL405 has three CPUs and can support up to 3,584 possible I/O.

  • The DL405 has three CPUs from 6.5K memory to 30.8K memory with 16,384 possible I/O. It also offers three base sizes with built-in power supply, including 12/24 VDC, 110/220 VAC and 125 VDC power.
  • The DL405 also features flexible I/O and communication modules, such as:
  • AC/DC in/out, up to 64 points
  • 10A relay out
  • 12-bit and 16-bit analog inputs and outputs
  • Thermocouple and RTD inputs
  • Data communications, including serial and Ethernetmodules
  • High-speed counter input and pulse output
  • Serial remote I/Omaster and slavemodules
  • Ethernet remote I/Omaster and slave base controllers
  • Slice I/Omaster and slavemodules