Directlogic Process Controllers DL-205 Modular Series

  • The DL205 series PLC can support local expandable I/O and remote I/O

  • Modbus RTU & Ethernet networks

  • modular PLC that allows you to drastically lower your control system cost.

  • Unmatched for it's durability and small footprint

  • Interchangable module slot positions ensure flexability

  • Removable terminal connectors in low and high density format 


DL-205 Do-more CPUs

Do-more H2 Series PLC Modules The Do-more Series CPU's makes DL-205 control applications easier to implement. Trend View (Interface to monitor PLC data with trend graphs) PID Overview (Interface to monitor multiple PID control loops) Debug View (Interface...

DL-205 CPUs

The DL205 family offers four CPUs: Every CPU provides at least one built-in RS-232 communication port. built-in slave support capability on the top and bottom ports, Modbus RTU master/slave support on the bottom. The D2-260 provides support for ASCII...


PC control with a WinPLC The WinPLC provides a Windows® CE operating system environment in our DL205 CPU hardware. The small size and low cost of DL205 products is desirable, but the operating systems of the D2-230, 240, 250-1 and 260 CPUs are proprietary (like most PLCs). The WinPLC...

DL-205 I/O Bases

Bases & Local expansion I/O The DL205 PLC family is highly expandable. Four base sizes can be connected via local expansion I/O, serial remote I/O and Ethernet remote I/O Create a system as large as 16,384 I/O addressed by a single D2-260 CPU. The DL-205 PLC range...

DL-205 Digital I/O Modules

The DL205 modules offer a variety of I/O density from 4  to 32 I/O points per module. 4 DC Input modules & 3 AC Input modules 7 DC output modules & 3 AC output modules 5 relay output modules & 1 combination module These modules are small and can get...

DL205 Analog Modules

Analog and temperature modules connect to almost any device. The DL205 offer 17 different analog modules, including thermocouple (16-bit) and RTD (16-bit). Our modules support a range of 14 analog modules, including 4-20mA (sinking and sourcing), 0-5V, 0-10V, -5 to +5V, and...

DL205 Local & Remote Expansion modules

Local I/O Expansion Up to four DL205 bases can be connected (30 meters total) to a local base that contains a D2- 260 CPU (two expansion bases with a D2-250-1 CPU). With expansion I/O, all bases are updated synchronously with each I/O scan for a deterministic system. Four...

DL205 Communications & Networking Modules

Overview Ethernet Communications Modules offer features such as: High-speed peer-to-peer networking of PLCs Fast updates with  DirectSOFT Programming Software High-performance access for Human Machine Interface (HMI), ERP, MES or other Windows-based...

DL205 Speciality modules

Speciality Modules The DL-205 PLC range offers a wide variety of Speciality modules or, special purpose modules used to interface to 3 party networks Perform special tasks of protocol conversion Media conversion  

Supports up to 16,384 I/O points.

•22 Disctete I/O modules
•16 Analog and temperature modules
•7 communication modules
•Two built-in communication ports.
•280+ RLL (Relay Ladder Logic) 
•Four base sizes with built-in power supply support 12/24 VDC, 110/220 VAC and 125 VDC .
•Expansion I/O - Add up to four DL205 bases of expansion I/O.
•Ethernet Remote I/O - Use a 10 Mbit Ethernet Remote Master module in a local DL205 base and add upto 16 bases of DL205 I/O
•The bottom port of the D2-250(-1) and D2-260 CPUs can also act as a remote I/O master.


7 Steps to Specifying a DL205 System:



1. Review the DL205 family of products.

2. Select a CPU, programming tool and cable

3. Additional communications ports needed?

4. Select the discrete, analog and specialty I/O modules

5. Choose an I/O configuration method

It is very important to verify that the selected CPU and I/O modules will operate within the base power budget.
Tables list the power supplied and consumed by each DL205 device. This step also describes base dimensions and mounting requirements.
6. Check the Power Budget

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