Ziplink Cabling Solutions

Don't fiddle with wiring Save valuable labour hours. Get the job done with minimum cost. Ziplink Cabling Solutions, saves money, saves time

P3000 Ziplink Cables

Affordable ZIPLinks Save Hours of Wiring We strongly recommend the use of ZIPLink cables and wiring modules, which eliminate the need for hand wiring of I/O modules to DIN rail terminals. In fact, many of the Productivity3000 I/O modules do not include the terminal block for direct...

CLICK PLC Ziplink Cables

The ZIPLink wiring system eliminates the normally tedious process of wiring PLC I/O to terminal blocks. Simply plug one end of a ZIPLink pre-wired terminal block cable into your I/O module and the other end into a ZIPLink connector module. It’s that easy. ZIPLinks use half the space,...

DL05/06 PLC Ziplink Cables

Easy connection to  ZIPLink modules The 16-point option modules can connect to a variety of  ZIPLink modules, including low-cost feedthrough terminals, and an optional use, LED, and even relay modules. Protect your valuable output devices by connecting the ZIP Link fuse modules to...

DL205/DL405 PLC Ziplink Cables

DL205 I/O modules offer a wide range of points per module including 4-pt., 8-pt., 12-pt., 16- pt. and 32-pt. modules. To help you wire them fast and inexpensively,  ZIPLink quick connection cables and terminal blocks allow you to connect PLC I/O modules to terminal blocks in seconds....

ZIPLink Specialty Cables

  Specialty ZIPLink Modules For additional application solutions, ZIPLink modules are available in a variety of configurations including stand-alone relays, 24VDC and 120VAC transorb modules, D-sub and RJ12 feedthrough modules, communication port adapter and distribution modules,...


Cut your PLC wiring time down to minutes instead of hours!

The ZIPLink system eliminates the normally tedious process of wiring PLC I/O to terminal blocks.

Simply plug one end of a ZIP Link cable into a DirectLOGIC I/O module and the other end into a  ZIPLink connector module. It’s that easy! ZIPLinks use half the space, at a fraction of the total cost of terminal blocks. ZIP Links are available in a variety of styles to suit your needs. Some are designed exclusively for  DirectLOGIC PLCs, while others may be used with various PLC brands. ZIPLinks are available for our most popular discrete input and output PLC I/O modules. Analog and high current PLC I/O modules are not supported by ZIPLinks.

DirectLogic PLCs: Whether you want the ability to quickly wire simple point-to-point connections, or the ability to fuse, switch, or isolate your outputs, or the convenience of LED device status indication for monitoring your inputs, we have a  ZIPLink module that is right for you. Most DIN rail mountable  ZIPLink modules are available in your choice of eight or sixteen-channel versions, in either 24VDC or 110VAC voltages.