Weintek Touch Screen HMI

Since 1995, WEINTEK Labs., Inc. has been committing itself to being a leading-edge designer and manufacturer of graphic operator interfaces, also known as HMI(Human Machine Interfaces)

Weintek has set the HMI product standard with state-of-the-art technology, efficient manufacturing, conscientious and careful testing, and global specialized support.

Directlogic Automation's mission is to provide quality products and superior service to achieve the goals of establishing a reputation as a leading brand distributor in the industry and Weintek has certainly become our favourite HMI in South Africa

iE Series slim line form factor HMI Touch panels

Ultra-slim form factor and new colour design Equipped with powerful Cortex A8 600MHz CPU, Enables Fast change of a window which contains many complex objects. High speed of communication improves the efficiency of database operations. Built-in isolated RS-485, effectively...

XE Series Graphic HMI Touch Panel

Large sizes of HMI (12" / 15") with aluminum enclosure can display the most detailed information and objects. 9.7" high-resolution HMI with plastic enclosure Up to 70° wide viewing angle makes HMI  Enhance the strength of the...

cMT iioT Gateway Servers

The cMT-SVR provides the most essential capabilities: Communication driver support and data process, enable the cMT-SVR to easily connect to machines and access data. The visual interface of cMT-SVR – cMT Viewer can run on different platform devices including iPad, Android tablets (ARM or...