C-More Headless HMI

C-More Headless HMI

HMIs are no longer confined to the enclosure door! With the C-more EA9-RHMI headless HMI you can display your factory floor data how and where you choose. The EA9-RHMI has all the powerful functionality of the C-more Touch Panel HMIs, without display size restrictions. This HDMI-enabled device works with televisions, monitors, projectors, and most any other HDMI display device of any size to display real-time operational data or messages. The integrated USB ports allows support for industrial touch screen monitor displays that support USB interface or USB mouse operations.

The C-more EA9 software platform is the most user friendly and time-saving software platform that allows for simple visualization of your valuable system data. The alarming, data logging, and email support allow you to collect and share important data to other users and devices. The two serial ports and a 10/100Base-T Ethernet port has support for all the major protocols and enables easy connections to multiple devices simultaneously.

Keep Your Personnel Aware of Critical Events No Matter Where They Are

The Event Manager within the C-more programming software goes beyond simple alarm and message functions and allows C-more to act based on random events like changing tag values, or periodic events like day-of-week, time-of-day, or even based on a screen change. The actions can include setting a tag value, copying tag data between tags, changing the screen, capturing a screen, playing a sound file, even sending e-mail (including embedded tag data, screen captures, or PLC log files).

With the EA9-RHMI this critical event data isn’t restricted to a display on an enclosure in the factory somewhere, but it can be displayed in the board room, lunch room, or any other location you decide to ensure complete awareness around your facility.

You can also skip the local display entirely by using the remote access feature. Remote access is available from any windows PC (web browser) or on Apple iOS and Android smartphones and tablets when using the C-more Remote HMI mobile app.