Do-more® Designer Software: Multiple levels of security for peace of mind

Secure your software connections with sessions

There is a vast array of communication networks in the industrial automation field, some with better isolation than others. To ensure that Do-more Designer programming software connections to the PLC are restricted to authorized personnel only, the BRX PLC platform utilizes session-based communication. By using sessions, each initiated communication request must contain a unique ID. If the ID is missing, the BRX PLC will discard the request. This guarantees that no unauthorized access will be granted and also prevents PCs from accessing the wrong PLC. Sessions will also time out if not utilized, closing the idle link between the programming software and the PLC which must be re-established if needed.

Who’s online with your PLC? Do-more Designer’s software security features let you know for sure!

Secure lock out

Control who has access to your controller and what kind of access they have with the versatile password protection and user accounts available in the Do-more Designer software. Define multiple users and assign combinations of privileges from the available options.

For OEMs, code block password protection can be used to allow your customers to see enough of the program for basic troubleshooting while keeping your proprietary code blocks hidden and secure.

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Lock down the operating system to keep your controller safe

Lock down

All BRX PLC units have a block of 8 onboard DIP switches that are used to perform various debug and recovery operations. One of these switches enables/disables firmware downloads to the controller. Disabling firmware downloads will protect your CPU from unwanted operating system changes and keep you in control of if and when these changes are made.

Don’t leave any doors open

BRX PLCs allow users to disable unused protocols and restrict access to protocols via IP addresses. By providing an easy way to turn off protocols that aren’t in use, and providing a way to assign specific IP addresses, or IP address range, to specific protocols, BRX makes sure there are no loose ends or open doors that could be used to compromise your system.

Don't leave any doors open

Shield your system with guest memory

Communication and security go hand-in-hand and the BRX platform has incorporated new security features to keep your system safe. Protocol-specific memory or guest memory is one of these features and it prevents external devices from randomly accessing the BRX PLC’s I/O and memory.

When communicating using the Modbus protocol (RTU or TCP) or the DL protocol (K sequence), the BRX PLC will only allow the 3rd party Master to access the data stored in the CPU’s Modbus or DL memory registers, keeping the native memory secure from unwanted access.

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