CLICK® Family of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs)

Since 2008, and with close to a million components sold, CLICK PLCs have become an industry favorite for affordable, no-nonsense control.

CLICK controllers can compete on size, price and ease of use with hardware designed for micro-projects, even programmable relays.
    The low price leader, for simple control at a minimal cost.
    For simple control with advanced capabilities including WiFi, MQTT, and data logging.

The CLICK family is ideal when the control system needs to provide easy, straightforward control of a small system or machine. CLICK was designed to handle everyday applications that don’t need an overly complicated controller for the job at hand. CLICK PLUS builds on the original CLICK’s simple design, offering the same practical control but with some surprising bells and whistles.

Both CLICK and CLICK PLUS PLCs are programmed with the streamlined CLICK programming software which features 21 practical instructions and a simplified PID function.

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