CLICK® PLUS Series Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs)

CLICK PLUS PLCs use the same programming software as the original CLICK Series and our training partner, InterConnecting Automation, has an extensive library of CLICK PLC training videos to help you get acquainted with this family of controllers. Get access to CLICK training and PLC basics videos, plus sample programs.

CLICK PLUS PLCs provide simple control with a Cick!

The CLICK PLUS PLC Series combines the simplicity of the original CLICK with advanced features you wouldn’t expect from a simple low-cost controller. Data logging, Wi-Fi connectivity, MQTT communication, and increased security measures are just a few of the impressive features offered with the CLICK PLUS PLC series.

Three CPUs available

  • Choose your preferred communication method – wired, wireless (Wi-Fi) or both
  • Micro USB programming port for in-an-instant connections
  • Data logging with microSD support (on select models)
  • Serial and Ethernet options with MQTT, EtherNet/IP, and Modbus RTU/TCP capability
  • CPU option module slot allows you to tailor your stand-alone PLC I/O to your particular application

Expandable I/O

  • A CLICK PLUS CPU with an onboard option module can be used as a complete standalone PLC system, or the controller can be expanded with the addition of up to eight stackable I/O modules.
  • A variety of CLICK stackable I/O modules is available for flexible and optimal PLC system configuration.

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