BRX (Stackable Micro Brick PLCs)

The BRX controller and the Do-more PLC control technology were developed to tackle both straightforward and complex applications in no time. This PLC series is loaded with hardware and software features (including the handy project simulator and Rest API functionality) providing an extensive toolbox to satisfy even the most demanding projects.

  • High-performance processors that come standard with a software-selectable RS232/RS485 serial port, 1MB of internal data storage with 32GB of optional microSD storage, and a user-changeable, hot-swappable communication port
  • Ethernet, serial, and USB communication options are available
  • Onboard high-speed I/O with high-speed expansion I/O options for frequencies up to 2MHz (depending on model)
  • The stackable platform requires no base or backplane, and the PLC units can be expanded with up to 8 additional I/O modules (depending on the model)
  • The BRX Do-more! I/O controller provides easy remote expansion for any Do-more! system. Add up to 16 remote I/O racks to your application using the DMIO controller, that’s over an additional 4,000 discrete or over 2,000 additional analog I/O points. When using the DMIO controller, all I/O racks will be auto-discovered and seen as native I/O to the system allowing for instant configuration.
  • The BRX Modbus I/O slave controller allows any system with a Modbus master/client to expand its I/O capacity. Supporting both Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP protocols, this controller provides up to 31 additional Modbus RTU remote I/O racks and 247 additional Modbus TCP remote I/O racks. With the Modbus TCP option, over 63,000 extra discrete I/O points are possible. When using the MBIO slave controller, I/O data is sent to/from the master using Modbus Read/Write commands. The MBIO slave controller is great for remote expansion with other AutomationDirect PLCs or as a low-cost alternative for 3rd party controllers that support Modbus mastering.
  • Robust instruction set with custom motion profiles and Axis commands
  • Integrated project, communication, and OS security
  • Seamless integration with high-level IT systems and IIoT/cloud platforms using MQTT(S), HTTP(S), FTP protocols, and Rest API capability

Do-more Designer is the full-featured PLC programming software for the Do-more series of programmable logic controllers. The software is packed with development tools and features dedicated high-speed I/O and motion control instructions for improved functionality, a powerful spreadsheet-style MATH instruction that accepts formulas and variables, and support for a mix of stage and ladder programming for a best-of-both-worlds approach that simplifies code and makes troubleshooting easier.

Another benefit Do-more Designer offers is device-centric programming. This programming method allows the user to configure software “devices” that act as liaisons between the ladder code and the hardware itself. For example, easily create a device to handle communication rates, timeouts, etc. all behind the scenes without extra ladder programming. This feature along with the other efficiencies built into the Do-more platform, and the many tools it provides, will allow you to master any control challenge, big or small.

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