[stm_hb header='stm_hb_settings'] C0-10DD1E-D – Direct Logic Automation
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  • CLICK Ethernet Basic PLC
  • 24 VDC required
  • Ethernet and serial ports
  • Discrete Input: 8-point
  • DC
  • Discrete Output: 6-point
  • Sinking.

C0-10DD1E-D Specifications

Technical Attributes
Item PLC
Series Ethernet Basic
Ladder Memory 8k steps
User Data Memory 16 KB
Programming Language Ladder
Programming Software CLICK programming software v2.00 or later and CLICK CPU firmware v2.00 or later
Communication Port and Connection Type(s)
  • (1) Ethernet 10/100Base-T (RJ45)
  • (1) RS-232 (RJ12)
Port Protocol(s)
  • Modbus TCP Client/Server
  • Modbus RTU Master/Slave
  • ASCII In/out
  • EtherNet/IP explicit messaging adapter
  • EtherNet/IP implicit messaging adapter
  • programming and monitoring
Port Speed(s)
  • 10/100 Mbps
  • up to 115.2k baud
Real Time Clock/Calendar Yes
Retentive Memory Yes
Battery Backup Yes
Maximum Expansion Modules Allowed 8
External Power Requirement 24 VDC
Number of Discrete Input Points 8
Nominal Input Voltage 24 VDC
Voltage Type DC
Discrete Input Type Sinking/sourcing
Number of Isolated Discrete Input Commons 2
Number of Points per Discrete Input Common 4
Number of Discrete Output Points 6
Nominal Output Voltage 5-27 VDC
Discrete Output Type Sinking
Load Current 0.1A/point
Number of Isolated Discrete Output Commons 2
Number of Points per Discrete Output Common 4/2
Maximum Number of PID Loops 8
Number of High-Speed Capable Input Points 4
High-Speed Counter(s)
  • up to (4) up counters
  • up to (4) down counters
  • up to (2) up/down counters
  • up to (2) pulse/direction (bi-directional) counters
  • up to (2) quadrature (A and B) counters
  • up to (1) quadrature (A and B with Z) counter
Interval Measurement
  • up to (4) single input (edge) timers
  • up to (2) dual input (dual edge) timers
Duration Measurement
  • up to (4) single input (edge) timers
Frequency Measurement
  • up to (4) single input up counters
  • up to (2) quadrature input (A and B) counters
  • up to (4) input interrupts
  • up to (4) timer interrupts
Table-Driven Input(s)
  • up to (4) preset tables
Includes Removable terminal block
Additional Information Purchase D2-BAT-1 backup battery separately
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