[stm_hb header='stm_hb_settings'] CLC1-D-24 – Direct Logic Automation


  • ProSense remote level controller
  • Tank drain
  • (2) conductive level probes
  • (1) common probe input
  • (1) SPDT latching relay
  • Fixed 1 second time delay output
  • 24 VAC operating voltage.

CLC1-D-24 Specifications

Technical Attributes
Brand ProSense
Item Remote level controller
Application Dual level probe automatic tank drain
Input (2) conductive level probes and (1) common probe
Output (1) SPDT latching relay, fixed 1 second time delay
Operating Voltage 24 VAC
Indicating Type LED indicators for power, timing and relay status
Mounting 8-pin octal socket
Additional Information Controller becomes UL listed when used with Macromatic 70169-D socket. Order socket and conductive level probes separately
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