[stm_hb header='stm_hb_settings'] F4-MAS-MB – Direct Logic Automation
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  • DL405 communication module
  • 2 ports
  • (2) RS-232/RS-422/RS-485 port(s). For use with all DL405 PLCs.

F4-MAS-MB Specifications

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Brand DirectLOGIC
Item Communication module
Series DL405
Number of Ports 2
Communication Port and Connection Type(s)
  • (2) RS-232/RS-422/RS-485
Port Protocol(s)
  • Modbus RTU Master
Port Speed(s)
  • up to 115.2k baud
For Use With All DL405 PLCs
Programming Software DirectSOFT programming software v4.0 or later
Dangerous Goods
  • Battery Installed: Yes
  • Packaging Instructions: 970
  • UN Number: UN3091
  • Hazard Type: Lithium Batteries
  • Battery Type: Button
  • Lithium Content: 0.01
  • Replacement Battery: BR1225
  • Generic Battery: BR1225