Proud to announce 19 years of service and supply excellence Multiple PLC Brands for all your needs Do-more BRX PLC Click PLC Direct Logic PLC Productivity PLC Data Logging Built-In
Motion Control Included
On-board Serial/Ethernet Communication
Interchangeable Communication Ports
Free Programming Software with Simulator
DL05 - Micro/Modular PLCs
DL06 - Micro/Modular PLCs
DL205 - Modular PLCs
DL405 - Specialty PLCs
Expandable I/O
Enhanced Security Measures
High Speed Counting
FREE PLC Programming Software
Industrial-Grade P1AM-100 CPU (Arduino-compatible)
Industrial-Grade Power Supplies
Industrial-Grade Shields
Industrial-Grade Productivity I/O Modules
C-more® Operator Interface
HMI Touch Panels
ViewMarq® Industrial LED Message Displays Weintek
Industry Leading HMI Solutions
Pre-built touch panel components
Serial PLC Interface RS-232C/422/485
Ethernet port 10/100 MB
Project Simulation
Send e-mail
Web server
Fan-less Cooling System
Built-in 256 MB Flash Memory
SD Card Slot for Expansion of Storage
One USB Host Port and one USB Client Port
FREE Designer Software

6 Models: 1, 2 and 4-line text message displays, 12 and 24 characters
Supports Scrolling Lines (up, down, left, right) and Blinking
FREE ViewMarq Configuration Software
Multiple HMI Brands for all your needs
Multiple Discrete Categories for all your needs Current/Voltage Sensors AC Current Transducers
DC Current Transducers
AC Current Transformers
Single Range AC Current Switches and Indicator
Multi-Range AC and DC Current Switches
Voltage Transducers (AC and DC)
Precision Limit Switches Encoders A rotary encoder is comprised of an internal coded disc and a sensing head used to sense the rotary position. Encoders are used in all types of motion sensing applications, including machine tooling, semiconductor positioning and multi-axis positioning. Precision Touch Limit Switches
Sliding / Angled Precision Touch
Low Contact Force Precision Touch
High Precision Touch and Tool Setter Switches
Ball Plunger Limit Switches
High Temperature Precision Limit Switches
Photoelectric Sensors Photoelectric sensors use light and optics to detect object presence or distance. They provide an output based on object detection criteria. Photoelectric sensors can detect a wide variety of materials and measure many different distances.

A worldwide favourite for machine builders and factory automation.

The big “small” CLICK PLC. Stand alone small I/O footprint or expandable modular solution.

Modern, rugged and extremely versatility PLC. Highly expandable modular PLC.

Productivity controllers combine compact, modular, rack-based or stackable hardware with advanced tag name-based programming.

ViewMarq LED message displays use the latest LED and communications technologies to display both critical and non-critical information to appropriate personnel.

C-more touch panels are fully programmable and provide power and flexibility through a vast set of features.

Choose from the best
HMI Touchscreens available.

Weintek offers a wide range of HMI touch screens with each model setting the highest standard of state-of-the-art technology, flexability, rugged constuction, open connectivity and International support.