[stm_hb header='stm_hb_settings'] T1H-DM1 – Direct Logic Automation
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  • Do-more T1H series CPU
  • 64k words ladder memory
  • (1) RS-232 (RJ12) and (1) USB B port(s)
  • battery included.

  • Do-more T1H series PLC CPU module
  • Terminator I/O form factor
  • 192k words total (64k words ladder (flash memory)
  • 128k words user data memory (SRAM with battery backup)). Ladder programming
  • real time clock/calendar
  • two built-in communications ports: (1) RS-232 port supports programming
  • K-sequence slave
  • MODBUS RTU master/slave and ASCII IN/OUT; (1) USB port supports programming. Supports bumpless run-time editing and 2000 PID loops. Battery included. Requires Do-more Designer programming software (free download online). User manual T1H-DM-M available as a free download
  • or purchase hard copy separately.

    Country of Origin: USA
    Part: T1H-DM1