ProSense® Thermal Flow Sensors

ProSense® Thermal Flow Sensors

FTS Series Liquid / Air Thermal Flow Sensors … New!

ProSense FTS series thermal flow sensors offer a very cost-effective solution for monitoring water, glycol solutions, or air flow for applications where high accuracy is not required. With no moving parts, thermal flow sensors are a reliable alternative to mechanical flow switches and other flow sensing technologies.

  • Using the pushbuttons and display the FTS series can be easily set up to measure flow velocity in feet per second (fps) or by entering the internal pipe diameter volumetric flow rate can be measured in gallons per minute (gpm) or cubic feet per minute (cfm).
  • Available with probe lengths of either 100 mm or 200 mm the FTS can be used in pipes up to 16 inches in internal diameter.
  • Flow velocity measurement in larger pipe sizes or other shapes such as rectangular ducts is also possible using feet per second (fps) operating mode.


  • Cost effective solution for flow switch or flow transmitter measurement where high accuracy is not required
  • Optimized for flow measurement of water, glycol solutions or air
  • Volumetric flow rate measurement in pipe sizes up to 16 inches ID
  • Measure fluid/air temperature in addition to flow
  • 4-digit, two color alphanumeric display with pushbutton setup
  • 100 mm or 200 mm probe length
  • Two outputs selectable for switch, frequency or analog signals (FTS-1001 series)
  • Two analog output signals for flow and temperature (FTS-1002 series)
  • 4-pin M12 quick disconnect electrical connection
  • 5-year warranty


  • The 4-digit, two-color alphanumeric display and LEDs are used during configuration and provide clear indication of the measured variable.
  • Installation is accomplished using the CF08 compression type progressive ring fitting accessory (purchased separately).


  • Liquid or gas flow or no flow detection
  • Flow rate monitoring for process control
  • Pump run dry protection
  • Cooling water or air
  • Relief valve monitoring
  • Combustion air flow
  • Compressed air flow

The FTS (-1001) series

The FTS (-1001) series offers two separate outputs that can be used either as a flow or temperature limit switch or to monitor continuous flow rate or temperature.
  • Output 1: 2 selection options
    – Switching signal for flow limit values
    – Frequency signal for flow
  • Output 2: 6 selection options
    – Switching signal for flow limit values
    – Switching signal for temperature limit values
    – Analog signal for flow
    – Analog signal for temperature
    – Frequency signal for flow
    – Frequency signal for temperature

The FTS (-1002) series

The FTS (-1002) series offers two separate analog outputs that can be used monitor continuous flow rate and temperature.

  • Output 1:
    – Analog signal for temperature
  • Output 2:
    – Analog signal for flow