CLICK® Series PLCs AC I/O and Relay Outputs

AC I/O and relay output modules are available for the CLICK PLC control system. Up to 8 I/O modules can be connected to a CLICK CPU module to expand the system I/O count to better meet the needs of a specific process control application.

  • Expandable I/O
    • A powered CLICK CPU stand alone base unit can be used as a complete PLC control system with eight input points and six output points built-in
    • Or, the logic controller can be expanded with the addition of up to eight I/O modules
    • A variety of I/O modules are available for flexible and optimal system configuration
    • The I/O numbering system is decimal rather than cumbersome octal
  • Easy Installation
    • The CLICK PLC system does not require a mounting base, which saves on space
    • The CLICK CPU and I/O modules are connected together via an expansion port on the sides of the modules

PLC discrete AC I/O modules allow monitoring and control of ON/OFF signals and devices that operate with AC voltages up to 240 VAC, such as power relays, pumps and motor starters. Relay modules provide NO/NC contacts that switch user-supplied power on and off internally, allowing for higher current loads. Several CLICK AC I/O and relay modules are available.

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